Ourson, flocon, 1ère étoile level

Prestige lessons

Your child will be part of a group of no more than 6 children of the same level, learning at his/her own pace and in a friendly atmosphere.
New : Prestige group lessons open up to third star with a maximum of 6 students. 
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When are you coming?
Dec 2023
Jan 2024
Prestige lesson:
Ourson to 3ème Étoile level
During French school holidays, we offer Prestige lessons so that your child can benefit from a small group dynamic and a more personalised learning environment.

Your child will perfect their skiing in a group of 6 max, all of similar level, making for enjoyable and optimal progress.

From Ourson to 3ème Étoile level, your child will improve in their own times with the sound advice of their ski instructor.
From 258€
5 or 6 Prestige skiing lessons
Ourson to 3ème Étoile level
Sunday to Friday
or Monday to Friday
12:00pm to 2:00pm
Jardin de Montfrais
Medal included
Choose a ski pass
Skiing equipment not included
Helmet compulsory
Advice for parents
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This offer is only available during French school holidays.
Group lessons are offered from 16th December, as soon as the resort opens week days.
A lesson for parents!
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You ask; we answer!

I don't ski, but do I have to take my kids to where group lessons set off? 
There are two possibilities:
  • Your child has a morning lesson at 9:00am: simply meet at the cable car station. Their ski instructor will accompany the group to the top of the Montfrais ski lift.
  • If your child has a lesson at other times (late morning, mid-day or afternoon): simply go to the Montfrais garden at the top of the ski lift.

For non-skiing companions: there is a free pedestrian pass with a card to be purchased at the lift ticket office, enabling you to take and collect your children from their lesson at the meeting point: jardin de Montfrais.
To pick up your child, please take the Montfrais Télécabine and get off at the Terminus (stay in the cabin all the way to the top).
How are medals given out?
Friday is devoted to your child's test. Some tests are also held on Thursday (especially for Team Étoiles). Your child will be awarded a medal for the progress they have made. The award ceremony takes place about 20 minutes before the end of the course, usually in the kindergarten with Pioupiou!
Can parents take part in their children's sessions at the Club Piou-Piou Kindergarten?
It's only natural that you would want to stay 'hidden' to keep an eye on your child, but your little treasure will spot you quicker than you think which might distract them from their learning and from having fun with their new friends! You won't be able to stay in the kindergarten during the lesson.
Are insurance and the ski pass included in the price?
No insurance and the ski pass are not included in the price.