Nos conseils aux parents

The smooth running of a lesson depends on the instructor, but also on you:
  • Arrive early at the meeting points indicated on your lesson card.
  • You must download your lesson card (MyESF application) even for private lessons, or show the receipt received by e-mail.
  • Ski passes are not included in the price of the lessons and are compulsory for group and private lessons (children under 5 do not pay the ski lift pass, but a pass is still required for access to the lifts).
  • Equipment is not included in our services.
  • Helmets must be worn.
  • Pack a snack to slip into your child's pocket for the Pioupiou and Ourson levels.

For your child's well-being:
  • Children must come to lessons equipped (skis, boots and helmet).
  • Helmets are compulsory for children of all levels.
  • Dress them warmly: anorak, gloves, goggles, handkerchief, sun cream... and helmet right from the start, to get them into good habits!
  • To make our teaching easier, avoid staying on the outskirts of the kindergarten, as children behave differently when they see their parents.
  • Leave your contact details in your pocket, especially for the Pioupiou and Ourson classes.
  • If the meal option is taken, please inform us of any allergies your child may have.
  • Respect your child's pace of progress. Avoid taking your child on slopes that are too steep, especially if he or she is snowploughing. You could hinder his progress and put him in difficulty.
  • Always be positive and value your child's progress.

Further information:
  • Only the instructors are authorised to decide whether or not to change children's classes.
  • End-of-week tests correspond to technical levels and not to awards.
  • ESF management reserves the right to modify programmes and schedules during the season.
  • Weather conditions and lift breakdowns are not the responsibility of the instructors.
  • Effective lesson times may be reduced for reasons beyond our control. No refunds will be made, so remember to take out insurance.